Alarmed FAQ / Cool Stuff / Tips 

iOS 7 Notes

iOS 7 is a major update for iOS with lots of changes both visible and beneath the surface. Alarmed takes full advantage of iOS 7 and sports a new interface, many improvements and bug fixes, plus greatly enhanced support for iCloud Sync.

Alarmed retains support for iOS 5 & 6 devices, but there are a couple important caveats: A) The codebase and design remain largely unchanged for earlier versions of iOS. In other words, enhancements and new features will only be available if you are running Alarmed on iOS 7. B) The new and improved iCloud support in iOS 7 is not backwards compatible with iOS 5/6 devices, thus iOS 7 devices can only sync to other iOS 7 devices.


  • Double-Tap: Edit a reminder or timer.
  • Long-Press (tap-and-hold): View/Edit notes for a reminder; Edit a timer.

Alert & Sound Troubleshooting

  • First stop is to go to Settings > General > Alerts & Sounds (in Alarmed) and ensure that everything appropriate is enabled. These are all ON by default, however when you enable iCloud Sync, Nag-Me will be disabled on secondary devices (you can always turn it back on if desired).
  • If you are getting an alert, but it is silent, verify that your device is not in Silent Mode (mute) or Do Not Disturb mode (see the device Settings app). Also, verify that the volume is at a reasonable level (see below) and that sounds are on for Notifications in the device Settings app (more info below).
  • Launch the device Settings app, tap on Notifications, find Alarmed in the list and turn all the options ON. Some details:
    • Notification Center - This determines whether Alarmed reminders / timers will be visible in the pull-down notification center. It is recommended that this be on, but it won't affect the overall operation of Alarmed if you disable it. Please note that there is not an interface to the Notification Center for third-party apps. When an alert (notification) fires, the item will show in the notification center until you open up Alarmed, at which time it will be cleared.
    • Alert Style - Choose Banners (quick alerts that show up at the top of your screen and then disappear) or Alerts (the original pop-up style).
    • Badge App Icon - Alarmed uses this to show the count of past-due reminders.
    • Sounds - Without sounds, Alarmed would be boring ... but, of course, the choice is yours :)
    • View in Lock Screen - Determines if reminders / timers should show on the lock screen. It is recommended to leave this ON.


  • The volume when a reminder or timer fires is controlled by the ringer & alerts volume for the device. Refer to the Sounds section in the device Settings app). 
  • There is an option called "Change with Buttons" in the device Settings app which, if off, will prevent the physical buttons from changing the ringer & alerts volume.
  • Silent Mode (mute) must be off if you want to hear alerts (the operating system respects the mute setting). Also, if you are using iOS 6 or higher, there is a feature called Do Not Disturb which will also cause all alerts to be silent.

Snoozing Reminders

  • The drop-down panel for each reminder has a nag-me button (off, every minute, every hour). With nag-me on, the reminder will auto-repeat until you completed (Relentless Nag-Me ON) or acknowledged by entering Alarmed (Relentless Nag-Me OFF).
  • There are  three snoozing buttons in the drop-down panel. Each time you tap on a button, the snooze time is incremented -- so three taps on +5 minutes gives you 15 minutes. You can also tap-and-hold to quickly advance, so if you want to snooze for 30 minutes, just tap on +5 minutes and after a couple of seconds it will advance to 30 minutes.
  • Snoozing uses what an intelligent means of rounding, based on the current time and the original reminder due date.
  • If you want to cancel a snooze-in-progress, just tap on the blue "zzz" power button and it will be canceled.
  • You can set default snooze settings for Quick Reminders in Settings > Reminders and can customize snoozing per-reminder for Super Reminders.

How to Enable iCloud Sync

Alarmed includes iCloud syncing, which allows you to seamlessly keep Alarmed in sync with multiple iOS devices. For more info, tap here.

Database Backup / Restore

  • A backup of the Alarmed database is made when you exit the app. Up to 10 copies are retained (up to 4 for the current day). 
  • The backups are small, so don't worry about them taking up too much space on your device.
  • From Settings > General you can select a backup to restore and/or email a copy to yourself for safe-keeping. 
  • You can use email to transfer an Alarmed database to another device. 
  • The backup directory is accessible using iTunes File Sharing (see the section towards the bottom of the Apps tab for your device in iTunes.
  • To restore from an emailed backup, send it to your device and tap on the attachment in the Mail app. It will give you an option to "Open In Alarmed".
  • If you have Alarmed iCloud Sync enabled, it must be switched off before restoring the database by this mechanism.


  • Use Siri to quickly create reminders on the go and automatically import into Alarmed. For more info, see Reminders App Tips & FAQ.
  • For reminders in the past section, press-and-hold on the checkbox to show the action menu.
  • In the various date pickers, try double-tapping anywhere on the picker and the time will be advanced to the next even hour. For example, if it is 9:21 and you double-tap, it will jump to 10:00.
  • Alarmed has a Search Bar that you can use to search through the title and notes fields. On iPhone & iPod touch, the search bar is hidden at the top of the reminder and timer lists -- just drag down on the list to reveal it. On iPad, there is a search button on the titlebar, right next to the "+" button.
  • If you want to selectively trim (by date range) your completed reminders, tap the Edit button while viewing the completed list. The "+" button on the right will transform into a trashcan.
  • The notes in reminders will show tappable links for phone numbers, email and web addresses.
  • The "Next 7 Days" and "Future" sections in the Reminders tab can be opened or closed by tapping on the section headers.
  • When you mark a reminder as completed, it will move to the completed section.
  • You can change the list order of timers (reminders are always in date order). To manually sort the entries, simply tap the Edit button (upper left corner) and use the grabber icons (three stacked bars to the right of each item) to move them up or down the list. Then tap done to exit edit mode.
  • To preview sounds, tap on the item in the list and it will start playing. Tap again to silence it.
  • You can fully edit active timers. If you change the time for a countdown timer, it will add or subtract (as appropriate) from the current countdown.
  • Wondering why the Nag-Me mode for snooze only has options for one minute or one hour? The operating system provides auto-repeating for alerts, but only on fixed increments of one minute, one hour, one day, etc. 
  • Be sure to check out the DayMinder feature -- it is great for things like remembering to stretch, drink water, take medicine, etc.