Alarmed Reminders

From  the quick entry of a new reminder to sophisticated repeating, snoozing,  pre-alarm and sound options, the reminders in Alarmed have it all!

For  a simple reminder (visit Sarah on Saturday), just tap on + to create a  Quick Reminder. Select a date/time for the reminder and enter a title if  you wish (the default title is "Reminder").

For  a more complex reminder, (taking the trash out every Tuesday morning,  going to yoga class on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays), tap on "Super  Reminder" and you'll see an array of sophisticated settings to customize  the reminder to suit your needs.


  • When you tap on a reminder, you will see a drop-down panel with  several icons. From left to right are nag-me options, +5 minutes, +1  hour and +1 day (for  snoozing), notes and an edit button.
  • On  the left side is the Power Button, which toggles a reminder On/Off. This  is handy if you don't want to mark a reminder as completed, but don't  want it to produce an alert.
  • On the right side is the Action button. This will give several options, including Completed, Duplicate, Mail and Message.
  • To quickly complete all reminders, tap on the Complete All button in the Past section header.
  • You can quickly edit a reminder by double-tapping or long-press (press-and-hold) gestures.

Quick Reminder

  • The title is used as the alert message.
  • The QuickPicker bars  above and below the date picker make it easy to get to the time you  want. The top bar is customizable from Settings | By Alarm Type.
  • If you double-tap on the date picker, it will fast forward to the next round hour.
  • The melody (sound), minute interval used for the date picker and snooze behavior defaults to what is specified in Settings.

Super Reminder

  • The repeat options are varied and quite powerful. Everything from  "Every 3 days" to "The 2nd Tuesday of every 3 months" to "Monday,  Wednesday and Friday".
  • For "Simple" repeating (such as every  2 days), you can also select to repeat from the completion date. This  is handy for tasks that don't repeat on a fixed schedule, such as mowing  the lawn, getting your hair cut, etc.
  • For Month and Days repeating, you can choose the interval between the repeats, such as "On the First Weekday Every 3 Months".
  • The  Start of Week (Settings | General) is used not only for display  purposes, but for repeat scheduling as well. For example, if you set the  Start of Week as Sunday, then calculations such as "the first weekend  day of the month" will look for Fridays and Saturdays.
  • You  can turn the alert message and/or sound on or off. This can be useful  depending on your needs. Short "sound only" reminders can great for  non-essential things, especially in conjunction with DayMinders (an Extras Package feature).
  • Snoozing reminders is simple yet powerful. For more details on snoozing, please refer to the FAQ.
  • Nag-Me  will repeat the reminder continuously until you act on it. Due to  technical considerations, the only two values are 1 minute or 1 hour. 


  • Be sure to check out the DayMinders feature, an Extras Package exclusive.
  • You can quickly create a reminder with Siri and have it instantly imported into Alarmed. For more info, tap here.
  • Reminders support attached notes, with Address Book (Contacts) integration and tappable phone numbers / email addresses.
  • The "Next 7 Days" and "Future" sections in the Reminders tab can be shown/hidden by tapping on the section headers.
  • To  cancel snoozing for a reminder, tap the blue power button (with "zzz"  to signify it is snoozing). It will revert back to the originally  scheduled due date.
  • When you mark a reminder as completed, it will move to the completed section.
  • You  can easily recycle a reminder in the completed list. Just tap on it and  you will be given several options. Note that recycling will actually  recycle (i.e., reuse) a reminder. If you wish to keep the existing entry  in the completed list, use the Duplicate option from the Action button  (right side of reminder).
  • If you want to selectively purge  (by date range) your completed reminders, tap the Edit button while  viewing the completed list. The "+" button on the right will transform  into a trashcan.