Alarmed Reminders App Integration Tips & FAQ

You  can use the built-in Reminders app to quickly create a new reminder  using Siri and instantly import it into Alarmed. This is also useful if  you have a Mac as you can create reminders on the desktop and they will  be added to Alarmed the next time you start the app.

For general info on setting up the integration, please refer to Settings > Reminder > Reminders App Integration.

General Info

  • Alarmed will import reminders that have a due date. If the reminder  does not have a due date, it will not be imported into Alarmed.
  • Alarmed does not support location-based reminders, so this info is ignored.
  • The  default List for import is set to All Lists. If you want to keep using  the Reminders app for other things, you might want to set a specific  list for use with Alarmed.
  • By default, Alarmed will delete  the reminder after importing it. This makes sense for most uses, as you  wouldn't want multiple alerts going off at the same time.
  • Auto-Import requires the Extras Package, but manual import is available to all user of Alarmed.

How to Use Siri

  • Note: Some of the following info will differ based on language  settings and the Siri settings in the device Settings app (General >  Siri).
  • With an iPhone, you can just raise the phone to your  ear and begin speaking as soon as you hear the Siri beep. To use this  feature, "Raise to Speak" must be enabled in the device Settings app.  This feature only works if your screen is active.
  • You can also do a long-press on the home button to activate Siri.
  • To create a reminder to walk the dog at 7:30 PM, say, "Remind me to walk the dog at 7:30 PM".
  • To  create a reminder to take the trash out every Wednesday, say "Remind me  to take out the garbage every week starting Wednesday at 7:00 AM".
  • There is much more info available on using Siri on the web.
  • To  open Alarmed from Siri, say, "Open Alarmed" or "Open Alarmed app". Use  the "app" suffix if Siri has trouble understanding you.
  • You can  use Siri to create a reminder while actively using Alarmed. Just hold  the phone to your ear, speak the reminder and when you are done and  return to Alarmed it will be automatically imported (assuming Auto  Import is enabled).