Alarmed Settings - General

App Icon Badge

The App Icon Badge is a little red circle with a number in it that shows up on the Alarmed icon on the home screen. When this feature is enabled, the badge will be updated to reflect how many reminders or timers have fired since you last ran Alarmed. It will also include the count of past due reminders. This figure does not include pre-alarms or repeated reminders / DayMinders.

Include DayMinders

The default setting is OFF and will not include auto-complete DayMinders in the badge count.

Pause All Alarms

This will pause (temporarily disable) ALL reminders and timers. You will be reminded the alarms are paused every time you start Alarmed. Wake-Up Alarms will not be affected by this setting.

Alerts & Sounds

These settings are particularly useful if you have multiple iOS devices using Alarmed (via iCloud Sync). With these settings, you can turn alerts, sounds and nag-me on or off for reminders and timers. Note that this is app-wide and takes precedence over individual settings for reminders and timers.

Database Backup / Restore

Use this to backup and restore the database, including the ability to mail the database to yourself for safe-keeping. For more info on this feature, please refer to the FAQ.

iCloud Sync (Extras Package only)

Alarmed includes iCloud syncing, which allows you to seamlessly keep Alarmed in sync with multiple iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad). For more info, tap here.

Reset iCloud Sync Data

This will fully reset the Alarmed iCloud data stored on the device. Use this option if you are having troubles with iCloud Sync. Note that this will not delete the locally stored data, just the info in iCloud.

Start of Week

The first day of the week is used for display purposes to separate weekdays from weekends and also for the advanced repeating features of Alarmed. This is very useful if you live in a country where the week starts on Saturday or Sunday. And if you just work a different schedule than most with your "weekends" being Tuesday and Wednesday, you can set the Start of Week to Thursday.