Alarmed Settings - Reminders

Reminders App Integration

These  options allow you to easily import reminders from the built-in  Reminders app. This is great for using Siri or your desktop computer to  quickly create reminders. You should also read the Reminders App Tips & FAQ.

  • List - The default  setting is "All Lists". You can choose a specific list if you wish to  limit the importing. The list marked "Default List" is the one used when  adding a reminder via Siri. It is configured in the device Settings app  under Reminders.
  • Delete After Import -  This is the default and it is recommended to leave it on. When a  reminder is imported into Alarmed, it is automatically deleted from the  Reminders app. If you turn this off, you will end up with multiple  alerts for a single reminder (one from Alarmed and the other from the  Reminders app).
  • Auto Import - This will auto-import any new reminders whenever you open Alarmed. This feature requires the Extras Package.
  • Import Now - This will import now (duh!).


  • Snooze -  Sets the default snooze options. If you choose the drop-down panel,  when you tap on "view" for an alert, you'll be taken into Alarmed and  the drop-down will show. If you select "Snooze For" it will snooze for  whatever value you specify and still show the drop-down panel. Nag-Me  will automatically repeat the alert until acknowledged by entering  Alarmed. Due to technical considerations, Nag-Me is limited to the two  settings of 1 minute and 1 hour.
  • Relentless Nag-Me -  Turn on to keep repeating the reminder until you mark it as completed.  Turn this option off to stop repeating the reminder as soon as you enter  Alarmed.
  • Default Due Time   - Sets the default time (based on the current time) when you create a  new reminder. Use Round Due Time to round to the nearest even hour  before adding the default value. You can use the rounding feature by  itself to just round the current time.
  • QuickPickers - Sets the times used in the QuickPicker bar above the date picker when editing reminders. 
  • Auto View Notes - If ON, this will bring up the notes when you tap on the "View" button for the reminder alert.
  • Completed Auto Purge -  If enabled, repeating reminders will be shown in the completed section  for the current day and then removed. This is designed to reduce clutter  in the completed section. If you turn Auto Purge off, you can still use  Purge Completed Reminders to purge just the repeating entries. (NOTE:  Purge Completed Reminders is accessed by tapping the Edit button while  viewing the completed list. The "+" button on the right will transform  into a trashcan).

Quick Reminders

  • Note: Quick Reminder refers to the default reminder with minimal options.
  • Melody - The default melody (can be overridden by selecting "Super Reminder")
  • Time Picker Interval - Specifies the interval used when selecting the date/time. Values available are 1, 5 and 15 minutes.

Super Reminders

  • Melody - The default melody (can be overridden by selecting Alarm Melody within the edit view).
  • Pre-Melody - The default melody (can be overridden by selecting Pre-Alarm Melody within the edit view).
  • Time Picker Interval - specifies the interval used when selecting the date/time. Values available are 1, 5 and 15 minutes.
  • DayMinder SuperUser -  This option is shown if you have activated the Extras Package. It  allows DayMinders to be set with a repeat interval of any value (down to  one minute). For more info, see DayMinders.