Alarmed Timers

CountDown Timers
Perfect  for cooking activities, feeding the parking meter, enforcing good  work/study habits, knowing when the laundry is done and so on.

You  can choose a custom melody for each timer or use the default from  Settings. You can also turn Nag-Me on for a timer (it is always 1 minute  for timers).

CountUp Timers

These  are great for tracking activities such as the time you spend working on  a project, time exercising, time since an event, etc. To use a count-up  timer, just tap on the Counts Up button above the duration picker, or  simply set the duration to all 0:0:0.

General Info

  • You can turn a timer on / off using the power button on the left side.
  • You can pause / resume a timer using the buttons on the right side.
  • To edit, use double-tap or press-and-hold gestures.
  • Rearrange the order of your timers in the All Timers list by tapping on the Edit button in the title bar.
  • The Active Timers list shows an ordered list of only the timers which are currently active.
  • When  a timer is finished, it will show "Finished" followed by the elapsed  time since it went off. This will only show up for a few minutes and  will turn off on its own. The timer can be restarted at any time. This  info is so that if you miss a timer, you can quickly discern how much  time has passed since it went off.
  • You can tap on the Counts Up button to quickly reset the timer to 0:0:0.