General FAQ 

Will Feature X be Added or Feature Y enhanced?

For the first three years of selling apps on the iOS App Store, I would often engage with users and discuss my planned additions and enhancements to the products. While I fully understand this can be very useful to you, I have decided to take a different approach from now on.

I have plans to continue evolving all of my apps. This includes bug fixes, enhancements and major feature additions. However, the details of what will be added and when it will arrive will not be publically disclosed.

I greatly appreciate feedback and read all suggestions regarding my apps and will definitely take your ideas into consideration.

In-App Purchases and Multiple iOS Devices

You only need to purchase once for use on multiple  devices, as long as you are using the same iTunes account on all  devices. If all devices are connected to the internet, the purchase should get automatically applied to the other devices. If it  doesn't, just tap on the Restore Purchase button (below the Buy button).  You will not be charged again.

Errands or Alarmed alerts don't always fire (Force Quitting Issue)

Generally, you should not immediately force-quit the Alarmed or Errands app after using it. By "force-quit" I mean double-tapping on the home button to bring up the list of recently used apps and then removing the app from this list. Doing so immediately after using the app does not allow enough time to complete the scheduling of the notifications or the database backup. 

If you insist on force-quitting, please wait at least 5-10 seconds after exiting to the home screen before force-quitting the app. (NOTE: Generally it takes less than this time for the app to finish scheduling and backup activities, but 5-10 seconds provides a safety margin)

FYI, nothing has changed in this regard since Alarmed was first released 3 years ago. The only difference is that iOS 7 allows you to kill a task much quicker than in iOS 6, so you are more likely to do so while it is actively processing.

Also, note that force-quitting an app will disable the Background App Refresh feature in iOS 7 until you manually open the app again (and switch to another app without force-quitting).