Errands & Alarmed 

Errands and Alarmed have been updated to take full advantage of iOS 7. This includes a refreshed interface design, major enhancements to iCloud sync (easier setup, faster and more reliable), Background App Refresh and more.

City Papers & Yocto Clock 

City Papers and Yocto Clock have not been updated specifically for iOS 7. While City Papers seems to work fine, there are a couple of known issues with Yocto Clock:

1) Go to Yocto Clock Settings > Gestures and ensure that Proximity Sensor is OFF. If this is ON, you may find the wake-up alarm will not function as expected.

2) Adding custom wallpaper from your photo library may cause the app to crash. It will sometimes work, sometimes it will crash. To fix this, I will need to fully update the app for iOS 7, which is planned, but has been delayed do to other commitments. In the meantime, I have found that it will usually work okay if you are able to move just a few photos (3-4) into an album of their own. The problem occurs when opening bigger albums.

Are iOS 5 & 6 still supported for Errands and Alarmed?

Yes. However, there are two important caveats:

  1. The codebase and design remain largely unchanged for earlier versions of iOS. In other words, enhancements and new features will only be available if you are running Alarmed on iOS 7.
  2. The new and improved iCloud support in iOS 7 is not backwards compatible with iOS 5/6 devices, thus iOS 7 devices can only sync to other iOS 7 devices. This is due to significant changes in Apple's iCloud Sync API's provided to third-party developers as well as a desire to avoid "polluting" iCloud with bugs present on older versions of iOS.

No alerts or sounds on lock screen? Check Do Not Disturb setting.

Do Not Disturb is a feature of the operating system that was added in iOS 6 and enhanced in iOS 7. It allows you to silence calls and alerts based on several criteria. For example, you can allow calls from your Favorites list, but silence all others. Alerts will always be silenced on the lock screen if Do Not Disturb is enabled and optionally will be always silenced (depending on the device Settings app > Do Not Disturb options). 

When Do Not Disturb is enabled, a quarter moon icon will show on the right half of the status bar. WIth the default settings, this icon will be dimmed when the phone is unlocked and solid white when locked.

On iOS 7, you can quickly turn toggle Do Not Disturb via the swipe-up Control Center. 

Errands or Alarmed alerts don't always fire (Force Quitting Issue)

Generally, you should not immediately force-quit the Alarmed or Errands app after using it. By "force-quit" I mean double-tapping on the home button to bring up the list of recently used apps and then removing the app from this list. Doing so immediately after using the app does not allow enough time to complete the scheduling of the notifications or the database backup. 

If you insist on force-quitting, please wait at least 5-10 seconds after exiting to the home screen before force-quitting the app. (NOTE: Generally it takes less than this time for the app to finish scheduling and backup activities, but 5-10 seconds provides a safety margin)

FYI, nothing has changed in this regard since Alarmed was first released 3 years ago. The only difference is that iOS 7 allows you to kill a task much quicker than in iOS 6, so you are more likely to do so while it is actively processing.

Also, note that force-quitting an app will disable the Background App Refresh feature in iOS 7 until you manually open the app again (and switch to another app without force-quitting).

Alerts suddenly stop working and the app no longer shows in Notification Center Settings

A very rare bug exists in iOS 7 where an app can disappear from the device Settings App > Notification Center. If this happens, the alerts will not fire or make any sound. Fortunately, the resolution is simple -- just reboot your device. To do so, hold down on the power button at the top of the device until you get a red "Slide to Power Off" message.  Slide it and wait for the screen to go black.  Then, press and hold the power button for a couple of seconds until you see the Apple logo.

Change in Swipe To View/Snooze behavior

Prior to iOS 7, the "Swipe to Unlock" button on the lock screen would transform into "Swipe to View", "Swipe to Snooze", etc. (depending on the app) when an alert came in. In iOS 7, the bottom slider *always* does a "slide to unlock". In order to "slide to snooze" (or "view"), you need to swipe the actual alert. Just tap on the mini-icon for the alert and you can slide it to the right.

How to quickly silence sound with a banner alert

There are a couple of ways (this applies to any app that sends local or push notifications). When you see the banner, if you gently tap on the middle "selector bar" at the bottom of the banner and push up, the alert will dismiss and the sound will stop. You may have to try this a few times to get feel for it, but it definitely works. Or, you can tap on a volume button to silence the sound.