Yocto Alarm Clock (App Details)


Attractive, very full-featured and completely free with no ads! Contains awesome wake-up alarms, magical sleep timers, an eye-catching clock display and plenty of configurable options.

Wake-Up Alarms

• Wake up to a built-in melody (over 70 high quality sounds, from practical to fun to whacky).• Wake up to a custom playlist from your iTunes library.

• Full support for fade-out, snooze, vibrate, volume control, backup alarm, and much more.

• Power Nap mode allows you to instantly set a custom alarm for 5 minutes to 1 hour from the current time.

• Ultra reliable.

Sleep Timers

• Built-in soundscapes (looping sounds) get you to dreamland in no time flat.

• Create a custom playlist from your iTunes library.

• External Audio Mode. Use other apps to play audio (such as internet radio) and Yocto Clock will fade-out and stop the audio when the sleep timer expires.

• Sleep Timers feature a unique audio book / podcast mode. Listen to audio for a specified time, then gently switch to sleepy-time music.

Other Features

• Sophisticated clock display, fully configurable.

• Weather forecast and current conditions.

• A fun selection of fonts for the time display.

• Make the text any color you wish.

• Choose from built-in wallpaper or select from your own photo library.

• A full range of gestures to control the app from the clock display.

• An easy-to-use flashlight mode.

- Screen dimming.

• Many configurable options. 


• A built-in Mini User's Guide to help you get the most from Yocto Clock.

• Full support for devices with Retina displays.

• Full VoiceOver Accessibility support.

• A Universal App with full native support for the iPad.

NOTE: Yocto Clock is 100% functional and completely ad-free app. Everything is included. There is a "tip jar" available as an In-App Purchase so that you can support my efforts if you enjoy the app. I greatly appreciate it! :)

Yocto Clock is designed for Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.  Get your copy today from the iTunes App Store.