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Yocto Clock Audio Book / Podcast Mode

This feature allows you to listen to an Audio Book or podcast for a specified time, after which the audio will fade into a custom selection of music to help you fall asleep.

The inspiration for this feature is that listening to spoken audio is relaxing, but not the best thing to fall asleep to if you don't want to miss any of it. Or have strange dreams as the audio plays on while you sleep. With the Audio Book / Podcast Mode, you can get into bed, relaxed but listening attentively. After the time you specify, the audio fades out (and its place is bookmarked) and music of your choice fades in as you drift off into dreamland.

To use this feature, turn it ON in the Sleep Timer Duration view. You'll see a slider that will show you how many minutes the first title will play, which is based on the overall duration of the Sleep Timer.

When selecting audio from the iTunes Library, place your audio book or podcast first in the list, followed by music you want to hear. If you have selected Shuffle Mode, the music selections will shuffle, but the first item will always remain first. If the audio book / podcast isn't at the top of the list, just tap on Edit and move it up to the top.