Errands Settings - General

App Icon Badge

The  App Icon Badge is the little red circle with a number in it and is  displayed on the upper right side of the app icon on the home screen.  There are three modes:

  • No Badge -- disables the badge entirely.
  • All Tasks -- displays the count of all uncompleted tasks.
  • Focus  (Starred Tasks) -- displays the count of items in your Focus Folder  (which contains any item that is starred). You can quickly star / unstar tasks, keeping the focus folder and badge count meaningful.
  • Overdue  / Due Now -- displays the count of overdue or items due now. Tasks with  a date but no time are "due" at the start of the day they are scheduled  for, whereas tasks that also contain a time will become due when that  time is reached.

Folder Paging (swipe)

This  is only applicable to iPhones and iPod touch devices. The default is ON  and will allow you to swipe left and right to quickly move between  folders. If you turn this off, you can switch folders by tapping on the  titlebar.

Long Press to View Notes

This is ON by default and will allow you to use the long-press gesture (tap  and hold) on a task to quickly bring up the notes or checklist for that task.

Alerts & Sounds

These settings are particularly useful if you have multiple iOS devices using Errands (via iCloud Sync). With these settings, you can turn alerts, sounds and nag-me on or off. Note that this is app-wide and takes precedence over individual settings for reminders and timers.

Database Backup / Restore

Use this to backup and restore the database, including the ability to mail the database to yourself for safe-keeping.

iCloud Sync (Premium only)

Errands  includes iCloud syncing to enable multiple iOS devices (iPhones, iPod  touches and iPads) to stay in sync with each other. For more info, tap here.

Reset iCloud Sync (Premium only)

This will fully reset the Errands iCloud data stored on the device. Use this option if you are having troubles with iCloud Sync.

Passcode Lock (Premium only)

Allows  you to set a passcode that is used when you run Errands. This is to  protect your data from prying eyes. You can also set a duration after  which to require the passcode, so you don't have to constantly enter it  if you are frequently using Errands.

Important: Do NOT forget your passcode!