Errands Settings - Tasks

New Task Defaults

These  settings are used when you create a new task. These are simply defaults  and can be changed in the task edit screens. The "Alert (Due Time)"  field is used for tasks with a due date and time. The "Alert (All Day)"  specifies a specific time for an alert (say 10:00) for tasks with a due  date but no time set (all day events). You can change the alert to any  time you wish by tapping on the Alert options in the edit screen or from  the drop-down panel.

New  Task More Button -- This will add a More button to the titlebar when  creating a new task. Tapping Done (or the Next key) will instantly  create a new task with the default options as defined in Settings >  Tasks. The More button is used to access the full set of options when  adding a new task. This allows for quicker task entry.


Auto-Star --  The default is Overdue or due today. This setting determines the date  range in advance that a task will be auto-starred. All items with stars  are included in your Focus folder. If you don't wish to use  auto-starring, simply select "Auto-Star Disabled".

Future Section --  This setting is used when tasks are displayed in the various folders  and defines a threshold to separate current tasks from future tasks. Any  task with a due date later than the Future Date is moved to a section  at the end of the list called "Future". This section can be closed using  the arrow on the right side of the section header if you want to hide  these tasks. The idea of this feature is separate tasks that don't need  your immediate attention.

Auto Reset Checklists -- If this is ON (default), checklists will be reset to unchecked when a task is repeated, recycled or duplicated.

Alt Checklist Mode --  This is an alternate presentation for notes-as-checklist. It has a  checkmark instead of a checkbox, you can tap anywhere on a cell to  toggle an item checked / unchecked, and items remain in place unless you  choose to move them to the bottom from the action menu. 

Auto-Capitalize Titles -- This will cause each word of a task title to be capitalized when entering it. For example, "Take Clothes to Cleaners".


Trim Recycle Bin and Trim Logbook --  This will give you various options (All, +90 days, +30 days) to trim  your collection of completed tasks. The Recycle Bin is kept separately  from the Logbook. The Logbook contains all entries, including repeating  tasks.

Auto Trim --  If this is on, your logbook and completed entries will be trimmed  automatically by the system (currently 150 logbook and 75 recycle bin  entries are kept). It is recommended that you turn this ON if you are  using iCloud for performance reasons.